An Account of the Decendants of William Smithson of Newsham, Tem. Elizth.

William Smithson of Newsham, who was a tenant under William Catherick, Esq., in the reign of Ed. VI., and of Anthony Catherick, Esq., in 28 Eliz., by his wife Eleanor had issue five sons and three drs.:

  1. William Smithson of Newsham, who paid the subsidy 39 Eliz., and purchased lands in Newsham 13 Jas. I., and half the tithes of Bolton. He married – –, and had issue:
    1. William Smithson of Newsham, purchased lands in Newsham 1631; appointed exor. by his uncle, Robert Smithson of Newsham, in 1622; lands in Hunslet claimed against him and his wife Sara by Robert Smithson* in 1649. He m. Sara –, and had issue:

*Of this family, too, probably was Wm. Smithson, of Leeds, draper, who made his will 13 Chas. II., 1661, and leaves ' to my eldest son John Smithson and his heirs the Broadgates, remr. to Wm. Smithson, my 2nd son, for default to Robert Smithson my 3rd son, and to 4th son, if any, and if not, to the right heirs of Wm. Smithson. Also Carleton closes to John Smithson. Also house on Hooke, co. York. To Patience Smithson my eldest dr. closes, etc., in the lordship of Middleton. To Mercy my 2nd dr. land in Hunslet – to Sarah my 3rd dr.– to Lidia my 4th dr. Robert Smithson my brother – Sarah my wife. W. proved 1680 in York. Of these children the 3rd son of Robert Smithson became a grocer in London, and made his will in 1717. He married Grace, dr. of Mr. Samuel Foxcroft, of Leeds. In his will, proved in London, he orders the residue of his personal estate to be divided into two, one-half to go between his four children, Robert, Anne, William and Martha, his daughter Sarah being excluded as married to Mr.. John Moore. His dr. Anne's share was to be £2,000. His son William's share to be £3,000. His dr. Martha's share to be £2,000. If any died, the survivors including Sarah, to inherit. Legacies of £5 apiece were left to various relatives, and the residue to his eldest son Robert – also to him his messuages called Broadgates in the Market-place near the Crosse, one messuage in the old church-yard, one wool shop and chamber, and one butcher's stall in the shambles – three closes at Carleton Cross, and one close in Marsh Lane, all in the town of Leeds.

  1. William Smithson of Newsham, gentleman, who purchased lands at Bishop Mountain from Sir Solomon Swale, Bart., 27 Chas. II., living 1683; sold lands in Newsham to John Johnson 13 Chas. II.
  2. John Smithson of Newsham, gentleman, gave lands in Newsham to his brother William 13 Chas. II., had 4 hearths 25 Chas.

William and Eleanor Smithson of Newsham had issue:

  1. Anthony Smithson of Newsham, living in 1622, tenant to Anthony Catherick, Esq., from whom in 1612 he bought certain lands in Newsham which he was in possession of, and for which he was to pay £150 and one peppercorn. He was twice married; he and his wife are in the list of Roman Catholics in 1604. There are grounds for thinking that one of his wives was a Catherick, as the Catherick arms are quartered on Sir Hugh Smithson's tomb in Stanwick Church; also cf. Wilsons MSS., Leeds Library. He had issue:
    1. Francis Smithson, born 1595, draper and merchant in the town of Richmond, York.; died 1671, aged 75. His long and interesting will, proved at Richmond, is full of family details, and shows what a prosperous man of business he was. He became a member of the Society of Friends, and left ground for a cemetery. His wife Mary survived him, but both his son (whose picture he left to his wife) and his daughter Frances died before him. The latter was buried March 6, 1671.
    2. William Smithson of Newsham, m. –, and had issue drs., whom we have not been able to trace.
    3. Richard Smithson, stated in his uncle Robert's will to have been Anthony's third son, and on whom his father settled the lands he had bought from Anthony Catherick. He married Meriall –, who survived him, and to whom by his will, proved July 16, 1655 (Aylett 168), he leaves his lands, and after her death to his brother Bernard's son John. He mentions his brother Francis of Richmond, states that his wife is to have the residue and be executrix and to give some token to his brother William and brother Robert's children.
    4. Robert Smithson of Newsham and Hutton Long Villars, m. – –, and issue two sons – viz.:
      1. Augustin Smithson of Newsham, and subsequently of Hutton Long Villars, who died unmarried in 1716. His will was proved at York, but not until 1744, and runs as follows:

' The will of Augustin Smithson of Hutton Long Villars and late of Newsham, gent.; sound in mind and memory but aged and infirm in body. As to temporal estate for necessary maintenance without any superfluity, considering the many poor relations I have constantly taken care to supply to my power ever since I was master of anything, blessed be God who gave me the good will to do it, etc.

I bequeath to my nephew Robert Smithson of Newsham, in the county of York, 2nd son of my brother Anthony, decd., all that messuage, house or tenement with the Garth thereunto belonging and all rights, members and appurtenances, etc., in Newsham, etc., formerly belonging to my late father Robert Smithson, deceased, and the close called Lareberry, on the north side of the street which leads from Newsham to Barningham, and also all my closes, lands, grounds, tenements and Hereditaments – estate of inheritance – and after his decease, to his son Robert now an infant.

Whereas I am entitled to a messuage house, etc., and 4 closes, 12 acres, and 9 acres of arable in the townfields of Walton near Weatherby, now in tenure of Henry Hicks, I bequeath them to my nephew Robert Smithson and his son. It being my desire that all the lands, etc., should continue in my family. By lease 3 and 4th July, 4th Jas. 2nd, between me and Stephen Hackforth on the first part and William Smithson on the 2nd part, I have settled the said lands for uses stated in the Deed; I alter this for my nephew Robert Smithson of Newsham and his male heirs of body and to my cousin John Smithson and male heirs of body. Item, I give to my niece Hellen, wife of Wm. Hutchinson, my niece Elizabeth, wife of James Hutchinson, my niece Barbary Shaw, the children of my niece Mary Rowntree, to Catherine Grainger and Marmaduke Pierson, each 5s. All the rest to my nephew Robert Smithson, whose care and fidelity I depend upon, and make him Exor. Made signed and sealed 1716, 22 Feb., in pieces of parchment in presence of us, George Salkeld, Robt. Daile, Thos. Wycliffe. This will passed seal 1 Nov., 1744.'

  1. Anthony Smithson married, and had issue:
    1. William Smithson.
    2. Robert Smithson of Newsham, yeoman, heir of his uncle Augustin; married Margaret –, and died 1749. His will, proved at Richmond March 18, 1748/9, by his widow, leaves to her a house and garth at Newsham that Matthew Gill now lives in, and to his son Robert one shilling. The residue to his good wife, whom he makes sole executrix, dated February 10, 1748/9.

In the Kirby Ravensworth Registers it is recorded ' that ' Robert Smithson, Papist, of Newsham was laid in the churchyard 18th Feby., 1748/9.'

He left issue Robert Smithson, yeoman, who married Mary Judson, and resided at Peckhill, in the psh. of Romaldkirk, where he died in 1767.His will was proved Richmond by his widow and son. She afterwards lived at Headlam, co. Durham.

He left issue a third Robert Smithson, yeoman, of Newsham. A series of indentures registered in the Registry of Deeds at Northallerton shows that he gradually mortgaged portions of his lands, to borrow money. Thus, in 1776 he made an assignment to Thos. Benson of Brignol Moor Houses, for a loan of £300, of Collingwood Pastures and a close called the Bottom, 30 acres, in the presence of W. Hutchinson of Barnard Castle. In 1777 he borrowed from Anthony Hutton of Gainford, co. Durham, gent., £200 on the security of 3 closes called Lowberry, containing 16 acres. In 1780 he sold the same lands absolutely to Anthony Hutton. In the same year he and his wife Barbara and his mother Mary sold a house and an acre to Wm. Stapleton of Dalton Fields, in the psh. of Kirby Ravensworth.

In 1782 Robert Smithson, and Barbara his wife, and Mary his mother, Exors. of Robert Smithson late of Pecknill, decd., and ten other parties, including the Judsons and Huttons, made a further indenture about the 16 acres. In 1786, Jan. 3 and 4, Robert Smithson, who had moved his residence and is described as farmer of Graystone, psh. of Stanwick, co. York, made an indenture with Thos. Johnson about land at Newsham. Further we have not been able to trace him.

Anthony Smithson had issue also drs., viz.:

  1. Helen Smithson, m. Wm. Hutchinson, solicitor, of Barnard Castle.
  2. Elizabeth Smithson, wife of James Hutchinson.
  3. Mary Smithson m. – Rowntree and had children.

Anthony Smithson the elder, had issue also:

  1. Hugh Smithson, haberdasher, of London, and adventurer in Irish lands, who bought the lands of Stanwick from Anthony Catherick, and was created a Baronet on the Restoration of Chas. II. He was born at Newsham in 1598 and died Oct. 21, 1670, and is buried in Stanwick Church. He married Dorothea, dr. of Jerome Rawston of Plaistow in the Co. Essex, by whom he had four sons and two daughters. Dorothea Lady Smithson died Jan. 18, 1691, and is buried beside her husband at Stanwick. They had issue:
  1. Sir Jerome Smithson.
  2. Hugh Smithson.
  3. Antony Smithson.
  4. Richard.
  1. Elizabeth.
  2. Dorothea.

For further information concerning the descendants of Sir Hugh Smithson and the elevation of his great-great-grandson Sir Hugh Smithson to be Earl and Duke of Northumberland, consequent on his espousal of Lady Elizabeth Seymour, or Percy, heiress of the renowned and ancient House of Percy, see Fonblanque's ' Annals of the House of Percy ' and Brennan's ' House of Percy.'

  1. John Smithson mentioned in his uncle Robert's will, 1622. Was he the John Smithson who died a prisoner in York for recusancy in 1627 and is buried at Holy Trinity, Micklegate?
  2. Symon Smithson, mentioned in his uncle Robert's will, believed to have joined the Society of Friends and gone to Ireland. A family of Smithsons, of that persuasion, were settled in the 17th century at Ballintogher or Ballintore, co. Wexford, in the psh. of Kilbride. The Records are not complete, but from them it appears that Thomas Smithson, who was probably the son of Symon, was born 1655 and married, c, 1677, Hannah, and was the progenitor of the family. His sons were: 1. Simon, born c. 1685; 2. John, born 1687; 3. Thomas, born 1692; 4. Joseph, born 1700; 5. Jacob, born 1703; 6. Samuel, born 1709. His drs. were Catherine, Mary, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, Anne.

There are 31 births, 25 marriages, and 29 deaths of this family recorded in the Dublin Records of the Society. The family claim to be of the Newsham stock, and say that their ancestor, brother to Sir Hugh Smithson, came to Ireland with Oliver Cromwell, and that in the 18th century the Duke of Northumberland, when Lord Lieut. of Ireland, met and acknowledged one of those Smithsons as a relative.

  1. Bernard Smithson, Apothecary in Holborn, London. He is named in the will of his uncle Robert Smithson in 1622 as one of the children of his brother Anthony, who were to receive ' every one of them £7 10s., to be paid to them as my pmise out of their father's estate after his death, but not before.'

Bernard Smithson is also named in the will of his brother Francis, as the father of several sons, and in the will of Dorothea, Lady Smithson, 1691, he receives a legacy of £10. He probably died previous to 1705, in which year Augustin Smithson took out letters of Administration to his son John. He married Alice – and had issue:

  1. John Smithson of St. Andrew's parish, Holborn, heir. in remainder to his uncle Richard; d. unmarried and intestate.
  2. Bernard Smithson, Junr., of the Inner Temple, afterwards of Hornchurch, Essex, born Sept. 8, 1680, Anne Thorogood, of Hornchurch, Essex, widow, aged 30, who survived him s.p. and took out grant of admin. to his goods, May 5, 1699.
  3. Francis Smithson, named in his uncle Francis Smithson's will, 1672.
  4. A dr. who m. Mr. Brignall, as named in Francis Smithson's will.
  1. Ellen Smithson, named in her uncle Robert's will, 1622; m. Mr. Wetwang of Richmond, Yorks, and had issue Wm. Wetwang, father of John and Francis.
  2. Jane Smithson, named in uncle's will, 1622, m. Mr. Binks and had issue Elizabeth, m. Nicholas Cox of Knightsbridge.
  3. Anne Smithson, named in uncle's will, 1622, m. Mr. Swaile, and had issue Philip Swaile.

We now return to William and Eleanor Smithson of Newsham, who had issue.

  1. Robert Smithson of Newsham, bachelor, who died in 1622. His will proved at Richmond, Nov. 19, 1622, is very valuable, as it gives the names of brothers and sisters and also those of Anthony's children. It runs as follows: ' Dated 4 March 1621/2. Robert Smithson, of Newsam, co. York, Batchelor. I commit my soule into ye mercifull handes of Almighty God my maker and Redeemer, hopinge and faithfully trustinge to be saved by his merittes death and passion, and my bodie to be buried in the pshe church of Kirby on the Hill where my friends will appoint it.

' Unto Elizabeth, daughter of Christian Compsen my sister, now wife of Edward Orrey, £20 p'cell of a debt of £70 due to me by my cosen Christopher Smithson of Mowton, also to her all my beddinge and other implements now in the house of my cosen Wm. Smithson, which do appeare by a note in writing in his custodie.

' Unto Mary Scott, late wife of Christopher Scott, being my sister Compsen's youngest daughter £20, to be paid out of said debt of £70.

Unto Williaim Compsen, my said sister Compsen's her youngest sonne, other £20 thereof, and the other £10 unto Margarett Rudd and Elizabeth Dacie, daughters of Richard Dacie of Burgh upon Staynemore to be equallie divided betwixt them.

' Unto Dorothie and Margarett, daughters of my sister Grace Metcalfe, £16 13s. 4d. to each of them.

' Unto my nephew Richard Smythson, third sonne of my brother Anthony Smythson, £6 13s. 4d.'

[Here the will is torn in half, a line nearly illegible.]

'£60 owed me by said Anthony Smythson shall be devided amongst eight of his children, viz., to Richard, Hugh, John, Symon, Bernard, Ellen, Jane, and Anne Smythson, to everie one of them £7 10s. to be paid unto them as my p'mise out of their father's estate after his death and not before.

'Whereas my brother Ninian Smythson, my nephewe ffrancis Smythson, and my nephewe John Compsen, have had and received of me divers somes of money wch. in there need and necessitie did helpe and relieve them, I do hereby clearly and absolutely acquite and discharge them from payinge any part thereof backe again. My nephew William Smythson of Newsam to be sole exor.

' £5 left to Elizabeth Dacie shall not be paid unto her untill the daye of her marriage. Signed and sealed.


  1. Ninian Smithson, in 1604, residing at Kirkdale Banks psh. of Egton (?), accg. to Peacocke, m. Anne –, and mentioned in his brother Robert's will, 1622. He was probably the founder of the Smithson family long resident in Kent. Nothing more is known of him.
  2. John Smithson, in 1604 ' of Newsom, late from beyond the seas; at Barningham. Either he or his nephew was the prisoner in York, who was buried in July, 1627 at Holy Trinity, Micklegate.
  3. George Smithson, a Recusant in 1604. In Surtees' ' Durham ' it is stated in reference to School Ayliffe in the psh. of Heighington, that in 1563 Arthur Neville, gent., god nephew of the Earl of Westmoreland, granted to Wm. Smythson of Newsom in the psh. of Kirby on the Hill, yeoman, all his close in Scole Acle and 2 other closes. In 1554 Edward Wydmarpole of Alne granted to the same Wm. Smythson ½ of 5 messuages and 140 acres in Schole Acle. In 1562 an arbitration as to the remaining undivided lands in Schole Acle. In 1587 Wm. Smythson gave all his lands in Schole Acle to his son George (Charter 23 June, 29 Eliz.), who in 1606 conveyed them to Francis Foster of Darlington for £360.
  4. Grace m. Mr. Metcalfe and had issue, Dorothie and Margaret.
  5. Christian m. Mr. Compsen and had issue, John and William Compsen; Elizabeth m. Edward Orrey; Mary m. Christopher Scott.


In the temp. Eliz. John Smithson of Arthington and Addle and Alice his wife are mentioned in regard to Feet of Fines. Also in 1607 Marmaduke and Francisca, and Marmaduke, jun., and Katherine. In the Harewood and Addle Registers are many Smithson items besides the ones in this Pedigree.

Mr. Henry Smithson of Leeds and Arthington, born c. 1650, d. 1686; m. 1674 Maria Hargreaves of Weardley, born 1656, d. 1704, and had issue:

  1. Ellenor Smithson, born c. 1675, m. Joseph Denison of Leeds, 1696.
  2. Samuel Smithson, born c. 1677; bur. 1686.
  3. Roundell Smithson, bapt. 1680, of Chapel Allerton, tanner; m. Mary, dr. of Saml. Midgley of Harewood,* 1705, and had issue:
    1. Mary, d. 1714, bur. Harewood.
    2. Mary, m. Stephen Harrison, and had Mary, wife of Jonathan Midgley of Beverley.
    3. Robert.
    4. Ann, m. Sir Thomas Denison, Justice of King's Bench; her sister was ancestor of Lord Grimthorpe.

* Her brother, Saml. Midgley of Alwoodley and Harewood, had issue Thos. of Harewood, whose son Samuel m. Mary. dr. of Henry Smithson of Leeds, and had issue Margt., m. John Barstowe, and Mary, m. Rev. Wm, Kettlewell.

  1. Robert Smithson of Milnfield, psh. of Harewood, b. 1684, d. 1743.
  2. John Smithson, salter, of Leeds, bapt. 1682; m 1st Anne Woofenden, Jan. 25, 1714, of Cawthorne (she d. Aug. 28, 1717, w. pr. York), and had issue:
    1. John Smithson, d. infans.
    2. Henry Smithson of Newton, Leeds, born 1716, w. pr. York, May, 1698; m. Margaret dr. of Wm. Lewty of Hampsthwaite, co. York, gent. She was bapt. Hampsthwaite Nov. 23, 1724, d. Feb. 19, 1793, mar. settlem. Jan. 6, 1749. They had issue:
      1. Rev. John Smithson, Rector of Kirk Heaton, co. York, 1785-1836. Inc. of Headingley 1782-1836, bapt. 1752, d. Jan. 1. 1836, bur. Headingley, m. Ruth –, born 1767, d. Aug. 16, 1832, bur. at Headingley, s.p.
      2. Henry Smithson, born 1760, Mar. 14, 1793, aged 33; Elizabeth –; she afterwards m. – Harding of Ireland, w. pr. York.
      3. Margareta, ob. inf. æt. 6 months.
      4. Mary, born 1754; d. Dec. 24, 1836; bur. Adel; m. Samuel Midgley and had issue ) Margaret and Mary, mentioned in their uncle Henry's will.