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39T inner chainring – 130mm BD – Black 7075/T6 Alloy

£25 including postaage

Campagnolo Cartridge Road Bike Brake Pads – 2 Pair Set BR-VL600

I have two sets of two pairs (i.e. 2 boxes with 4 pads) £20 per box free postage

VAR tool set for steel frames – cutters, reamers, presses etc

Collection only from Lancaster £3,500 or sensible offers. Read information below photograph

This complete set of tools would suit someone who has an interest in steel framed bikes. This is being sold as a complete set so will not be split. Most of the heavy frame tools have had little use.

VAR is the earliest large-scale manufacturer of bicycle tools and was founded in France in 1945, predating the blue tool manufacturer by some 18 years.

VAR FH-04200 Crown race cutting tool and threading set includes 1” and 1-1/18” Delrin guides, cutters FH-04210-26.5, FH-04210-30.1 and FH-04210-39.9 to face the fork’s lower seat to ensure proper crown race fit. Also includes 1” and 1-1/8” fork dies to cut steerer tube thread

VAR CD-38200 Bottom Bracket Thread set includes 36mmx24 TPI right hand thread taps, 1.370″x24TPI L&R hand threads and CD-38340 facing cutter set

VAR CD-03200 head tube facing and reaming set includes CD-03210-301” reaming cutter, CD-0210-33.8 1-1/8” headtube reaming cutter and CD-03220-45 facing cutter

VAR CD-03600-44 Head tube reaming and facing set for Cane Creek Semi Integrated Headset includes CD-03623-44 44mm reaming and facing cutter

VAR DR-10100 Fork crown race extractor to quickly and cleanly remove the headset crown race from any steel, aluminum and carbon fork columns works great with 1” and 1-1/8”

VAR DR-14700 Crown race setting tool set to ensure fast, safe and accurate fit of the crown race onto the fork crown race seat also fits tapered steerer tube forks. Includes one universal setting tube and one setting ring of each size (1″, 1-1/8″, 1-4″” and 1.5″). Rings made from Nylon to prevent any damage to the crown races

VAR DR-03500 Headset and bearing cup press accurately presses 1”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, and 1.5” headset cups into head tube. Also presses BB30 cartridge bearings and Press Fit and Press Fit 30 cups into one piece bottom bracket shells. Features a quick-release press ring for fast operation. Long (30cm) handles for superior leverage

Press fit bottom bracket accessories for DR-03500 Headset press – PE-13800-PF for Shimano Pressfit, PE-13800-BB30 for BB30 and PE-13800-PF30 for PF 30

VAR PE-13500 BB30 Bearing extractor and press

VAR PE-12600 Crank extractor for Campagnolo Power Torque to remove Power Torque crank arms from the bottom bracket spindle compatible with aluminum and carbon cranks. Contact surfaces specially designed to minimize damage to the crank.

VAR PE-13100 Crank bearing installation set for Campagnolo and others. Crank bearing installation set for Campagnolo® and Fulcrum® Ultra Torque® and Power Torque®. To press cartridge bearings on Campagnolo and Fulcrum Ultra Torque and Power Torque cranksets. Precise fit to the inner bearing race which will not damage bearing surfaces during operation. Head of the tool is hardened for long tool life. Delivered with a steel base to be clamped in a bench vice to hold the crank and make bearing fitting easy.

VAR CD-47500 Frame and fork end alignment gauge set

VAR CD-71400 Frame alignment gauge

VAR RP-43600 Hub bearing press compatible with 12, 15, or 17mm inner diameter bearings and 24,26,28 and 30mm outer diameter bearings.

VAR BP-0130 Adjustable BB cup spanner

VAR BP-01600 Bottom bracket lockring pliers

VAR DR-98200 30x32x36x40mm headset wrench x 2

VAR PE-95000 professional ratchet crank bolt wrench

VAR RL-40300 4 notch BMX freewheel remover for ACS® FAT 16/22 teeth

VAR RL-40100 Freewheel remover for Regina, splined Zeus & Atom

VAR RL-41300 2 notch freewheel remover for Suntour, Sachs Aris, Maillard 700

VAR RL-40200 4 notch BMX freewheel remover for ACS® 14/15 teeth

VAR RL-41600 Cassette remover with guide pin for Campagnolo,Shimano UG

VAR RL-98000 Cassette remover with pilot for Shimano HG, Mavic, Sram

VAR FR-23300 Cable stretcher with thumb lock

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